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Contrary to the common perception of a graphic designer’s job, it is a very tedious job that only a passionate creative person can do. Even the best graphic designer in Delhi holds several meetings with clients, presents various ideas, discusses budgets and then creates perfect visual communication solutions for them. A good graphic designer in Delhi should have various skills. First, artistic sensibility, remember no technology or software can substitute human creativity. Second, technical skill, to portray the creativity in your mind, you need technical support like photoshops etc. Third, communication skills, after the inception and creation of idea, communicating it through visuals and words is the most important step. Fourth, problem solving, graphic designer’s job is to use colours, shapes, lines etc to create a design that can convey an important and complicated message or idea in the simplest way. If you are looking for a good logo designer Delhi, this is where you will restart your branding.


Companies that encourage creativity achieve 1.5 times greater market share.
51% B2B digital marketers value the use of visual assets in content marketing.
86% of marketers said that 81% of their blog post contained at least one visual.

Abhishek Oberoi

I am the co-founder at Bluelinks, a passionate graphic designer in Delhi. With an experience of over 7 years in creating compelling, impactful remarkable graphics, I initialy created graphics for my own multiple companies and now I am is set to leave an imprint of my creativity on all start-ups and small businesses.

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It’s true that in today’s time, businesses cannot grow without good communication (designed by a good freelance graphic designer). The main essence of a good digital communication is the graphic used in it. The graphic designer in Delhi has the power to make or break your relationship with your prospective customers or client through his graphics. Graphics are the source of creating that first impression. A creative graphic designer in Delhi can convert a prospective client into a regular/lifetime/loyal customer. Whether you are running ads or just posting articles for your SEO strategy or marketing on the social media, no strategy can make an impactful presence of your brand if the graphics are not attractive and unique. Also for most businesses, their website is the first place of contact with their customer, therefore corporate and most start-ups invest heavily on good graphic designer in Delhi to retain the visitors on their website. Apart from digital marketing do graphics play a huge role in traditional marketing strategies? Yes! An attractive pamphlet design can evoke a positive feeling and an impressed viewer can be converted easily. Similarly business cards and annual reports, if designed well, can leave a good impression on your business partners. Believe me, they will take you more seriously!


About 5 years ago you may think of hiring a freelance graphic designer in delhi ncr as a good idea. But in today’s time, hiring one is a great business necessity. A complex idea in your mind can reach your customer in a simplified way through informative graphics. A good graphic designer in Delhi basically, paints a good image about your company and presents it to your prospective customers with a touch of creativity. Are you just a start-up? Are you thinking whether to invest in hiring a graphic designer in Delhi or not? You definitely need one if your answer to the questions below is Yes!

  • Do you have an unprofessional Logo?
  • A good logo can make an identity for your brand and a good graphic designer in Delhi can put all the values of that brand in an image. In fact, logo is one of the most important investments a brand can make.

  • Is your marketing material totally out of sync
  • Your website, social media, brochures, display materials etc should all be in sync with each other. A graphic designer in Delhi maintains consistency in terms of colors, fonts etc across all marketing materials.

  • Do your graphics look outdated?
  • Getting graphics made from cheap sources evidently show how outdated they are. An outdated graphic design depicts the same about your brand. A good the quality product will also be perceived as a cheap quality brand.

  • Is your website screaming homemade?
  • A creative graphic designer in Delhi can turn a dull website into a professional one. Designing elements for mobile and tablets, compelling call-to-action buttons etc can make your website unique and attractive.


  • Must be imaginative and apply that in his deigns.
  • Must bring a professional touch to your business.
  • Must create something great with a clear aim.
  • Must embrace new ideas and be innovative.
  • Must understand client's vision.
  • Must raise the bar to get you noticed.
  • Must be tech-savvy and always updated.
  • Must have patience for numerous attempts.
  • Must not take criticism personally.
  • Must be reliable and trust-worthy.
  • Must look beyond surface of things.
  • Must have passion and talent to design.


When you choose a graphic designer in Delhi, do you straight away look at their portfolio to decide whether to hire them or not? Do big names in their portfolios qualify them to be on board with you? Well you may check out my portfolio here but before making your final decision here is something about my unique ways to build or rebuild a unique identity for your brand. Before we go on board, I sit down with you to discuss your brand goals and more importantly budgets. Also I believe in maintaining transparency when it comes to time restraints and payments. I always maintain a user-centric approach in all my clients, open to client feedback and believe in making real designs. For those who cannot meet in person due to restrains like distance or health, I am open to video chats also for discussions.


  • Information gathering and research
  • Before starting a project, I invest time in understanding exactly what you need. By asking relevant questions either face to face or through online meetings, as a freelance graphic designer in Delhi and freelance graphic designer gurgaon,I like to know your objectives clearly. This is followed by thorough market research like competitors, trends etc.

  • Building strategy
  • I take into account all my research work, plan and strategize what is to be included as major elements in the design. I then discuss these with client and take approvals.

  • Developing the concept
  • Based on the various discusiions in the previous step, I develop the concept using my own creativity. As a graphic designer in Delhi I make a few drafts and discuss them with you in detail. I am open to suggestions and at the same time explain my clients the reasons for using certain elements the way I do. All the designs are made keeping in mind the brand image.

  • Completion
  • Once the draft is approved, I complete the designs within the time period discussed and agreed upon. The final product is delivered in form of digital files.


  • Logo Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Leaflet Design
  • Product labelling
  • Product Packaging
  • Brand Identity
  • Corporate Identities
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Digital Branding
  • Advertsing Campaigns
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Website Graphics Design
  • Newsletters
  • Poster design
  • Catalogues
  • Food Menus.
  • Annual Reports
  • Banner Design

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Our graphic design service Packages

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From designing a logo to a complete stationery kit, all promotional material like pamphlets, flyers, boards, brochures, standee, danglers, leaflets, hoarding, billboards, banners, display board etc and packaging material like product packaging and product labelling, we provide all graphic designer freelance work.



  • Logo Design-3500/-
  • Individual Design-2200/-
  • 2 options will be given
  • Social media posts
  • Pamphlets/menu etc.



  • Logo Design
  • 3 options will be given
  • 2 Flyers
  • Visiting-card
  • Letterhead



  • Logo Design
  • 3 options will be given
  • 5 Flyers
  • Visiting-card and Letterhead
  • 5 Social Media Posts Designs



  • Pamphlets, Display-boards etc
  • Resteraunt Menus
  • Complete Product Labelling
  • Complete Website Graphics
  • Maximum number of designs: 50
Looking for Professional Approach and Quality Services ?

Abhishek Oberoi-Graphic Designer in Delhi

  • Understands that image is everything.
  • Flexible to work with small budget and constraints.
  • Takes designing like a process.
  • Blessed with excellent communication skills.
  • Believes in saving time and money.
  • Understands your vision and needs.


A good Graphic Design enhances your marketing efforts and is instrumental in making your brand look professional in the eyes of your prospective customers.It also helps in brand connect and brand recogonition in the customers mind.

As we are primarily focused in providing our services for small and medium size businesses our charges are quite affordable starting from R.s 2200/- for flyer design, visiting card, social media post, any other promotional design as per requirement of our client.

As it is the first touch point where your prospect notices your brand it has to be appealing and Attention grabing unless you can get noticed in this competitive market you cant make a sale. A good Graphic Designer makes sure that your message is effectively communicated in a short, clear and crisp way to your target market.

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