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Using various social media platforms to make a connection with your audience, build the brand’s trust and increase sales is the main essence behind social media management. There are two kinds of services in social media management namely Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization. Social media marketing means marketing your product or service on social media platforms, whereas social media optimization is the process of making your website ready for social media marketing. We provide both these services as a part of our social media management program.

Our main SMM services for you


Analyze Your Business

Social media strategy is deciding in advance what all content will go on social media and when. It also includes listing which all social media we are targetting and the kind of audience we want to reach.
Facebook advertising has an advantage over other media advertising because you can reach the exact audience that you intend to target. You can target people based on interests, behaviour, gender, age, location etc. this is a huge money saving advantage for products that are specific to a particular demographic of people.
An essential aspect of marketing on Instagram is using and promoting hashtags in such a way that it can increase your followers. The trick is to use creative hashtags and cross-promote them. Also participating in conversations, storytelling, and using influencer marketing can help increase followers to a great extent.


We use social media marketing as a powerful tool for all kinds of businesses to reach their prospective clients. It is one of the fastest-growing trends in the history of digital marketing. The current and upcoming generation has, in a way, got addicted to various social media platforms due to heavy usage of mobile phones. In such a scenario, social media gives us a fabulous marketing opportunity, which if tapped successfully, can lead to higher sales in any business sector. We at Bluelinks concentrate on three main aspects of social media management, namely Content management, Hashtags and Engagement.

Of all adults with Internet access, 71% use social media.
54% of B2B marketers say they have got leads from social media.
80% of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn.


Social media optimization plays a significant role in successfully optimizing a website. With more and more traffic increasing on social media, we concentrate fully on them while optimizing your blog or website, which creates awareness for your brand. The key areas that we focus on are content generation, website design and navigations. Apart from integrating social media on your website, we align your SEO keywords with your social media accounts.

91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels.
51% of internet users watch vlogs
74% of Facebook users check it every day


Affiliate marketing is marketing your product through an affiliate who earns a commission through your company’s products. We search affiliates for your company who would enjoy your product and track sales via the affiliate link on your website. The affiliate can either be an individual or a company. The main advantage of opting for affiliate marketing of your product is that you do not need to be actively involved in the marketing process. We advertise advertisement of your product on social media, various blogs and websites. We have a panel of influencers and bloggers with whom we have built long-term relationships. Apart from this, we continuously keep finding new websites that may complement your product/service.

There is a 10.1% increase in affiliate marketing spending.
81% of brands use affiliate marketing programs.
16% of online orders are generated via affiliate marketing.


Social media advertising mainly focuses on targeting certain groups based on demographics, location, interests etc. Even though content marketing is a useful tool, but often it takes a long time, and the consumer as we all know has very little patience. Here comes to our rescue, the social media ads. We at Bluelinks make an optimized marketing strategy for you and combine your PPC and social media ads using RLSA. We use social media ads to create a bias in the minds of your customers for your product/service.

40% of consumers watch the most videos on Facebook.
Instagram saw a follower growth rate of 33% during 2018.
88% of social advertisers use twitter.
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Team at Bluelinks is absolute powerhouse the ease of understanding the business and developing a marketing campaign around it gave good results

We customize SMM strategies for you

Our Approach to Social Media Management for you.

Create a social media strategy based on defined goals and examining the current efforts.


4 major apps

We analyse your product/ service and shortlist four major social media apps that have the power to set awareness about your product based on the marketing goals.


Content Management

Each social media network is unique, and therefore we create different content strategies for each network and market accordingly.


Optimizing posts

We use high-quality eye-catchy images with proper hashtags and build relationships with influencers and brands for future tie-ups.


Running Campaigns

We start with setting clear goals and rules of the campaign, choose the right apps to promote on, create campaign-specific landing page and increase reach through influencers.

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Social Media for Small Business

As a small business owner, you have to be careful about where you invest your funds for marketing your products or services. When the marketing budget is small, it becomes more important to spend wisely and get maximum return on that investment. The most cost-effective marketing tool for small business is social media marketing. We at Bluelinks, maximum pie of our small business client's budget is dedicated to social media to reach their target audience and boost sales. Contact Us now to get started.

  • Helps increase brand recognition
  • Increases inbound traffic
  • Helps to target and retarget ideal consumers
  • Helps improve search engine rankings and brand loyalty
  • Leads to higher conversion rates


The main effectiveness of social media marketing reflects in its cost. Getting a maximum result in minimum investment defines the effectiveness of social media as a marketing tool. Hub Spot reports that 84% of marketers were able to generate increased traffic with as little as six hours of effort spent on social media per week. It helps in creating customer loyalty, branding, and inbound traffic and grows customer base, all at a minimum cost.
At Bluelinks, we believe in creating relationships with customers; therefore, we focus more on three customer relationship building strategies, namely storytelling, Chatbots and influencer marketing.
There are a considerable number of social media platforms to reach your customers, but as you are a small business firm, you do not have the time and workforce to spend on all these platforms. Keeping in mind that the platforms that work for large businesses work equally well for small business as well, we have chosen the top 3 platforms for your small scale business. Which are Facebook (oldest), Instagram (only second to Facebook) and tiktok a newcomer that has taken the internet by storm.
We can improve your business through social media marketing by choosing the right platforms according to your goals, forming a strategy and creating content according to that and lastly scheduling and posting content to continuously engage your audience through activities and campaigns.
All businesses need social media marketing in today's time for natural audience targeting and real-time interaction but also remember first to define your audience and make marketing strategies that work for social media platforms.