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We all understand that running ads on various digital platforms has become an essential part of a complete marketing plan for any company. PPC is a marketing strategy wherein you, as an advertiser can run ads for your product or service on Google platforms. An important aspect of PPC (as its name suggests) is that herein you pay only for the click that you get on your ad. We at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Noida, carefully strategize for each ad and improve your quality score to get a higher return on your investment. These are displayed on someone else’s ads through the Google ad network. If your products and services are suitable, and your ads are optimized and genuine, a Google ad word is the best thing to happen to you.


Adverts placed on the Google Display Network reach up to 90% of internet users
79% of marketers say PPC is hugely beneficial for their business.
17% of marketers use PPC ads for lead generation.

Hiring PPC Services in Noida?

  • Have a clear goal of conversion
  • Focus on completion of lead form.
  • Be ready for repeat investment.
  • PPC works best when mixed with SEO.
  • Support your PPC campaign with SEO.
  • Establish flexible budgets.
  • Keep patience when expecting results.
  • Be prepared to invest without returns in the beginning.
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If you have decided to invest in PPC ads, the first step that we at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Noida, take is the keyword research process. We have discussed this process in detail further on. If we talk about PPC, it all starts with keywords and ends with keywords. Our teams of experts carefully group these keywords and organize them into groups of related keywords. The key is to find and select high-quality and relevant keywords only. We target keywords that have low bids to keep the CPC low. This also varies according to the competition in your industry.


A landing page is made, especially for converting those who click on your ad. Making an optimized landing is the next and significant step after keyword optimization. If you do not have an optimized landing page, you will not be able to convert the leads. We at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Noida, use strong and relatable images for your landing page, use headlines and sub-headlines for all topics, use attractive call-to-action buttons, clearly list the benefits and features of the products and services, and use testimonials and social proofs.


PPC Ads or Pay Per Click Ads are a very important and powerful tool to increase business when it comes to paid (digital) marketing. We at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Noida, make customized campaigns for you. According to your competition research and your goals, the campaign is set to maximize the ROI. We use 3 major platforms namely Google Ads, Facebook Ads.


Re-targeting is an important marketing technique that we at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Noida, use generously for all our clients to engage the users again that left your website without making any purchase. An important technique that we use is cookie-based re-targeting. We advertise to those who have already visited your website, unlike Google ads.



  • Goal: sale
  • Smaller reach
  • Limited budget
  • Target through keywords
  • Need based/emergency product


  • Vast reach
  • Luxury product
  • Lengthy sales process
  • Goal: brand awareness
  • Targeting options: behavior, demographic, contextual


1. Ad displays These kinds of ads usually appear on 2 kinds of platform namely Google ads and social media ads.
2. E-mail Remarketing Creating ad campaigns specifically for those who are on your emailing list and open your emails.
3. Search Re-targeting Targeting those users who have searched for the terms that are your keywords or similar products.
4. Video-Remarketing Showing ads to people on YouTube who are probably your subscribers or have visited your channel.


  • Brainstorming keywords
  • Brand terms – any keywords containing your brand name and trademarked terms; Generic terms – terms relating to products (e-commerce keywords) or services offered; Related terms – terms that don’t directly relate to what you’re selling, but that users may be searching; Competitor terms – brand names of competitors who are offering similar products to yours.

  • Keyword research tools
  • After the brainstorming session that goes on for hours and days, we at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Noida, form a list of keywords that we feel are relevant and can get traffic. Our next step is to use the relevant tools available in order to determine which keywords to keep and which ones to discard. Please note we at Bluelinks use only the top keyword research tools.

  • Organizing PPC keywords
  • At this point, we have an extensive but relevant keywords list which we at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Noida, intent to target for your branding and marketing strategies. and form group of keywords for each ad campaign

  • Negative keyword
  • Our most important strategy in keyword research is including the negative keywords (the words that we don’t want your ad to show up for.) in order to avoid wastage of funds

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Our PPC Packages

Pick The Best PPC Plan For You

Our PPC packages are very affordable and all the services that we provide are measurable. We provide complete reports from time to time. Our packages are perfect for those having small businesses or those already planning to expand their projects nationwide. We target medium to high competition keywords and rank you higher than your current position. Please remember that PPC is a long term process and we do not promise suddent effects. Our commitments are genuine and practices are ethical.



  • 10% above 1 lac of investment
  • 20% below 1 lac of investment
  • Complete keyword analysis
  • Landing Page Optimization
Get the expertise you were looking for.

Why Bluelinks for PPC

  • Co-operative customer service.
  • Well linked with industry experts.
  • Updated with all digital forums.
  • Satisfied clients with repeat work.
  • Customized PPC for every budget.
  • Single goal to make you rich quickly.


Amazon PPC is an advertising model in which the advertiser pays a fee to amazon whenever a shopper clicks on their ad on amazon website.

Both SEO and PPC are ways of digital marketing that help you gain visibility and convert sales. We at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Noida combine a well structured PPC campaign with optimised SEO strategies to rank high on targeted keywords and build brand together.

The main difference between PPC and SEO is that the traffic and leads coming from SEO is free and organic whereas the traffic from PPC comes at a cost.

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