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Mobile Marketing is one of the most important strategies of Digital Marketing. We aim to reach your target audience that is mostly on their mobile phones/ tablets/ smartphones etc. via different marketing services like email, SMS, MMS, social media and other mobile apps. All the internet related services that were previously available on a desktop are now, readily available on mobile phones, or even more. Mobile phones are handy, easy to carry and attractive therefore the mobile usage as compared to desktop usage as increased twofold. For developing an effective mobile marketing strategy, our team first understands your mobile audience, design content according to various mobile platforms and make use of different marketing tools to strategically reach your consumer.


95% of adults primarily use their smartphones to access content/information.
56% of B2B buyers frequently use smartphones to access vendors’ content.
65% of all email is first opened on a mobile device.

Gain competitive advantage

  • A mobile marketing strategy is not one that can be implemented by itself. With the primary goal of growing the business and creating brand awareness, we at Bluelinks, execute a lot of long-term and short-term campaigns from an e-mail, PPC, SEO etc.
  • The competitive edge lies in the part where the above-said campaigns are implemented. At every stage through a mobile channel to reach every audience at their comfort.
  • Please remember that the mobile technology is not a fashion trend that will fade away in the next season, it is here to stay and optimizing your mobile marketing strategy will give you an edge over your competitor’s brand.
mobile marketing strategies
Explore our step by step process


Customer Research

The primary step for any marketing strategy is to understand the personality of the consumer. Who is the user; what kind of devices do they use; how much time they spend on their mobile phones; what kind of apps they use etc. are some of the aspects on which we do thorough research. That empowers the explicit development of marketing strategies through optimized channels.

Define Goals

Setting our marketing goals and aligning them with your company’s main goals is the 2nd and a crucial step towards mobile marketing. Starting from what efforts are you currently putting; are you doing mobile marketing at all; what are your objectives; who is your key audience etc. are some of the factors that defile our marketing goal.

Design Content

Content that can be easily absorbed by mobile users is a technique practised by our expert content writers. We optimize the following. Text (using headers and subheaders, white spaces, keeping paragraphs short and including summary). Images (using compressed images to decrease load time, using responsive tools, optimized videos that have readable text) and Design (making text and pictures responsive across all platforms, using sidebars and AMP pages that load faster).

Marketing tools

We strategically create a mobile marketing program customized for each client according to their needs and business goals. This program includes which all tools will be used and in what percentage to market their product/service for smartphone users. We use platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc.

Monitor Mobile Metrics

After the strategic implementation of marketing strategies, we analyze our performance for any shortcoming to find areas of improvement using tools like Google Analytics which helps us to monitor your mobile pages. This process not only improves the performance but also keeps the consumers in the loop.

Improve your business with us !

Still thinking whether Mobile Marketing is important or not?

Can you find a more effective marketing platform than a mobile? Ask yourself, how much time do you spend on your mobile phones, and in what all activities do you engage? Would you even know about half the brands that you do, had it not been through your mobile phone surfing? Your answer lies in your own experience. Please don’t be late and get a competitive advantage through our mobile marketing services.

Know our process in detail


Our main Mobile Optimization services for you


Analyze Your Business


Building a website but not making it according to mobile-usage, is no longer an option. A site of any business has to optimize according to mobile usage. If you think you have a small business and do not need to invest in mobile optimization of your website, then please note that Google ranks sites higher that are mobile-friendly. Our web designing team design and re-design responsive web pages for you in which your webpages get formatted automatically for optimum viewing on mobile phones. We Adjust your website’s content so that your visitors can access that through their mobile devices in customized experience. More than making your website responsive, we focus on ensuring that the users have an engaging and friendly experience. Our main areas of focus are increasing the page speed, optimizing the images, designing a website for fat-finger, using schemas and optimizing for local search.

64% of mobile web users abandon pages if they don’t load within 10 seconds.
35% of executives could not make an intended purchase because the website they visited wasn’t mobile-friendly.
90% of the C-suite uses mobile devices to research business purchases.

AMP Pages

    Amp pages are a way of coding to make your webpages load faster on mobile phones. Please remember that AMP pages are not just a tool to enhance user-experience; Google has defined its utmost importance in the process of SEO. Suppose you are buying something over the internet, sitting in your office, and have to leave immediately for your next meeting. Let’s understand this scenario.

  • Now, your buying process will carry on, but the speed of the internet will change from wifi to mobile data (which is slower).
  • In this case, if the website has AMP page then even will slow internet connection, it will load faster.

Our approach to mobile optimization

How quickly does your website load? You may have done SEO for your site well, and there may be massive traffic as a result of that, on your website. But do you think these visitors have patience, considering they are coming to your site for the first time and do not even know if it will be helpful.? Here, the main concern is whether your website is loading fast or not and what are the problem areas which are making it slow to load.
We use tools like webmasters and search console to increase the effectiveness of page loads for mobile users.
Do you know that a slow website affects not only the conversions but also you may get penalized by Google? Therefore, when optimizing our client’s websites for mobile, we at first, focus on maximizing their load speed. As soon as we publish even a single web-page, we bring it up in the mobile phones and test them in the most popular browsers.

Is your website responsive or adaptive? When we talk about the mobile experience, it is created by two methods. First is the responsive design (changes layout according to screen size) and second is the adaptive design (changes the plan according to screen size). Choosing the right method, or should we say creating a strategic combination of both to increase your conversions is challenging for us, but our team does an optimized job for you keeping in mind your customer’s needs and behaviour carefully.
For instance, if we remove all images and styling from your website to increase its speed, do you think your user will appreciate that? We do not think so. Therefore, we design a website according to the mobile-first and then optimize it. Keeping in mind, the shift of most users to smartphone internet searching, blogging and social media, we believe responsive web design is not a choice anymore. It is a necessity, not just for the sake of SEO but also for conversion and usability.

Are your images optimizes for the mobile? we have discussed before the importance of page speed in SEO as well as user experience. Your pictures which are otherwise an essential part of your content, contribute to about 80% of the speed problem. Using a large and right quality image is very important, but at the same time, optimizing them can have a significant impact on the load time. It can be done by either resizing the images or by removing useless metadata through image compression. We use strategies like media queries (CSS techniques), scaling down larger images for various platforms, etc.

Can your user easily browse the page? It is a fundamental question that should only have one answer. Yes, because the whole experience starts from there. Working on a responsive or adaptive design for the mobile experience will help in SEO and user experience but our primary goal- increasing conversion does not get achieved by merely concentrating on the above-said methods.
We at Bluelinks, we understand what kind of elements will grab your users attention. And design your page accordingly like including the CTA buttons making content according to mobile, simple design which is easy to load, replacing text with infographics for mobiles and optimizing a landing page.

Can your user find answers to their questions about the product? If the user has come to your website, half of the result has been achieved. The other half depends upon whether he/she gets their answers about the product on your website. While the approach to problem-solving is always elaborate, but since the mobile screen size is smaller, we have to cut down on a lot of content. Therefore we carefully collect the data first for your mobile user, and our techniques live chat and FAQs. Through live chats, the user feels a connection with the brand and feels like we are listening to them.


Email marketing is an on-going trend which is very useful as it engages the audience in our campaigns for a long time. For our marketing strategy, we optimize emails for maximum conversion rate. Like strategically placing the CTA buttons, size and colour of buttons, also making sure that they are easily tapped able, the font-size and colour of the text, etc. are some of the minute details on which we work. Apart from this, we work on optimizing the landing page, which is the 2nd step after the person clicks on the email. We create landing pages, especially for your email-campaigns keeping in mind that the reader is using a mobile phone and not a laptop.

86% of business professionals prefer email to communicate for business purposes.
CTRs are 47% higher for B2B email campaigns.
About 73% of 18-24 year olds use their phones to check email (PDF).
mobile marketing process

Improve Lead Generation

    The consumer’s familiarity and comfort with using e-mails make it still the most preferred tactic for marketing, even with so many other effective ways of marketing emerging from time to time. We, as a marketer, nurture your consumer’s curiosity till it gets converted into a full-fledged interest. Our consistent and relevant e-mail communication strategy builds trust and credibility for the brand in the mind of the consumers.

  • Marketing Automation Software
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Carefully creating and schedule the e-mails
  • Building customized topics for individuals like financial or technical

Our Approach to E-mail Advertising

Our team spends ample time to find out your consumer's interests and grab their attention through e-mail campaigns.


SMS/MMS helps in personal marketing as these reach directly to the user and are accessible at one tap. As we said that through this strategy we reach your customer straight into his pocket, we at Bluelinks craft each SMS/MMS strategically keeping the number of words minimum and its impact to the maximum clearly defining the message, the sender and the CTA button. While implementing this strategy, we take into consideration the various privacy regulations that fall under Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991. Our main goal is building a database of subscribers and increasing brand loyalty. According to Forbes, at least 60% of consumers still prefer SMS marketing over E-mail marketing. With more users engaging in Smartphone activities, using the techniques of SMS/MMS marketing can drive more business due to its ability to engage users effectively. We use these for short term campaigns like promotions, communicating offers, urgent updates, appointment reminders and internal company alerts specifically for e-commerce, travel companies and large organizations.

The open rate of SMS is 98% compared to 22% for emails.
Text messages can be 8x more effective at engaging customers.
50% of consumers make direct purchases after receiving an SMS-branded text.

How SMS marketing work

    If you are thinking about adopting SMS marketing as one of your main strategies for mobile marketing, it is essential to understand how it will work for you? We send these messages through something called the shortcodes which comprise of 5-6 digits as opposed to full mobile numbers. We make sure to include your company’s name in each note as most countries including ours; do not allow to alter the sender information.
    2 kinds of messages are sent through SMS marketing.

  • Campaigns (Bulk text messages to communicate promotions or general information from one sender to many.)
  • Transactional (One-to-One messages in response to specific event or behaviour, e.g. order confirmation or shipping notification.)

Our approach to SMS/MMS marketing


If the goal of your mobile marketing strategy is to extend your product/drive engagement or just pushing your e-commerce, this is where we would invest our time and your money. To make sure an app has maximum impact on our marketing strategy, we are involved in the whole process of development and implementation. We use strategies like offering extra features to mobile users in exchange for their contact information which not only encourages engagement but also leads to massive conversions. For such conversions, we use two kinds of communication channels, or you can call it ways of sending messages. Push Notifications (delivering personalized messages directly through the app that appear on the home-screen whether the user is engaged in the app or not, e.g. reminders, promotional messages etc.) In-App Notifications (messages that direct user’s attention towards specific features or opportunities within the app, e.g. introducing new app features or CTA for conversions.)

65 percent of smartphone users have game apps on their phones.
42% of consumers use a shopping app or communication app.
Mobile users are spending 87% of their time in apps.

Our Approach to Mobile App Marketing


Competitive Advantage

    Businesses thinking about whether mobile app marketing would be a competitive advantage or not, be assured, looking at the above data showing the use of mobile apps for entertainment and commerce. Please note:

  • It is a well-known fact that people prefer using apps over mobile websites.
  • Be it for B2B or e-commerce; we aim to bring up your brand on mobile apps before your competitor.
  • It gives you an advantage to always be there with your customer.
  • We create campaigns that communicate with users at every stage from downloading the app to becoming a regular user to the in-app purchases.
Looking for Professional Approach and Quality Services ?

Voice Search Marketing

Is your business voice search ready? If not Contact Us now and get started because this trend is here to stay. Statistics prove that nearly 40% of adults depend on voice search every day. We at Bluelinks use specific SEO strategies to increase your chances of showing up in voice search results.

  • Including keywords specific for voice searches
  • Use simple and day to day conversational language
  • Include informative content
  • Think about user intent
  • Ensure website is mobile friendly
  • Use local SEO schema
  • Target long tail keywords


Yes, mobile marketing is crucial in today’s time because users use their mobiles a lot and treat mobile phones as an essential asset physically and mentally and spend maximum time of the day searching for something on mobile phones.
If you have made up your mind to start mobile marketing for your business, contact us immediately on +91 9818068033. We at Bluelinks will at first customize your website design and its content according to mobile usage and create customized mobile strategy plan according to your customer's needs.
Mobile marketing is the need of the hour for any business, big or small. We at Bluelinks can customize a low-cost plan of various services for you according to your budget and business needs.
For small businesses, we use strategies like SMS campaigns, text marketing, E-mail campaigns, social presence etc. For more details please contact us on 9818068033.
Mobile marketing is a vast area and includes multiple strategies to target the audience directly on their mobile phones. It makes it easier for you to reach them and form a connection or a relationship with them. Even though we can work on all our marketing strategies on the laptops, but we implement each plan keeping in mind the mobile usage and behaviour of your audience to maximize clicks and conversions.