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ppc services in delhi

Have you heard the term PPC? You must be familiar with the term, but do you know how you can benefit from it? Let’s discuss a little about what PPC is all about. PPC or Pay Per Click is a digital marketing model for running ads in which the marketer pays every time the user clicks the ad. Unlike SEO (in which people visit the website organically), PPC is a way of buying visitors through ads. The most used method of PPC is advertising on search engines, especially Google. Whenever a user searches for a particular keyword associated with the ad, it appears, and the marketer is charged according to the times the ad is clicked. We at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Delhi, carefully build campaigns for you after carrying out keyword research and organizing them into relevant ad groups.


Search ads increase brand awareness by as much as 80%.
58% of millennials purchased something due to an online or social media ad.
45% of small businesses invest in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Metrics of PPC Services in Delhi?

  • Impressions (number of times ad appeared in search)
  • Conversions (total conversions from the ad)
  • Quality score (relevancy score of keywords)
  • Average Position (your rank compared to competitors)
  • Average CPC (the average cost paid per click received).
  • CTR (total percentage of people that clicked on the ad).
  • Clicks (the number of times the user clicked on ad)
best ppc services in delhi
ppc services delhi

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Keyword research is as important in PPC as it is in SEO. We at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Delhi, carry optimized keyword research with various analytical tools. But the important process starts after that. Properly grouping these keywords can make or break the success of an ad campaign. Through our keyword grouping strategies, we achieve a good quality score, create relevant ad copies and optimize landing pages better. We make sure your keyword appears in each ad copy.


Landing page optimization means designing landing pages for the visitors who click on the ad in an optimized manner. We at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Delhi, focus on each element of the page to convert each visitor. The goal is to make pages that focus on what the user needs. We give our best effort to make an offer on the page that your visitor/user cannot deny. Our aim to increase your ROI which can be achieved through an optimized landing page by getting more leads.


The most used platform to run PPC ads is the Google Ads platform. On this, you can create ads that appear in Google’s search engine and other properties of google. In this ad model the user bids on the keywords that they are targeting. Several factors are considered by google before it chooses you to appear before your competitors like the Ad rank, quality and the relevancy of keywords, quality score, optimization of campaigns


If you are running an E-Commerce store or an online business or just use digital marketing to get more business, you must be well aware that every visitor on your website does not get converted. As a digital marketer, we aim to bring back those that did not get converted when they first visited the website. We at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Delhi, achieve this through Re-targeting. We accomplish this through cookie-based technology.


The best way to choose which keywords to target is to carry an optimized keyword research. Following is our basis for choosing your keywords to get maximum benefits.
Brand Keywords
We use keywords with your own brand and with your competitor's brand that are ranking.
Product-Specific Keywords
We use keywords that include a product or service-specific features.
High-Intent Keywords
We use specific keywords that indicate that the buyers are ready to buy.
Feature-specific keywords
We use specific keywords that focus on a feature of a product/service.


You are making these mistakes

1. Un-related landing page and Ad-copy.
2. Lack of proper CTAs (Call to Action).
3. Designing pages that are difficult to comprehend.
4. Using un-related headlines in your landing page.
5. Primary objective not mentioned in landing page.
6. Un-attractive and non-optimized images used.


  • Click through rate
  • How likely the ad will be clicked. It is determined by up voting the ad and Google increases it according to the audience's preference.

  • Landing Page Experience
  • Highly optimized landing pages with relevant content get a higher Ad Rank. Important factors being content, navigation, and transparency.

  • Relevancy of Ads
  • If the Ad is will related to the query of the user, Google considers it as a relevant Ad and gives it a higher Ad Rank.

  • Format of Ads
  • The format of the Ad like the link to the website, extra information like the rating, and other important structured data is importance for Google.

Services Offered

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Hire the best graphic designer in Delhi to increase your visibility and build brand image with stunning creatives.

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SEO Expert in Delhi

Boost your rankings with only white hat SEO techniques with an experienced SEO expert in Delhi.

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Logo Designer in Delhi

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Our PPC Packages

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Our PPC packages are very affordable and all the services that we provide are measurable. We provide complete reports from time to time. Our packages are perfect for those having small businesses or those already planning to expand their projects nationwide. We target medium to high competition keywords and rank you higher than your current position. Please remember that PPC is a long term process and we do not promise suddent effects. Our commitments are genuine and practices are ethical.


15000/- Plus

  • 10% above 1 lac of investment
  • 20% below 1 lac of investment
  • Complete keyword analysis
  • Landing Page Optimization
Get the expertise you were looking for.

Why Bluelinks for PPC

  • Excellent management of PPC account.
  • Dedicated Team of PPC experts.
  • Build cost effective campaigns.
  • High quality features offered.
  • Easy terms and conditions.
  • Time to time reporting.


PPC is an advertising model in which you as an advertiser pay each time the user clicks on your online ad. Since you will be charged only and only when the user will click on your ad, hence the name Pay Per Click.

PPC is a kind of digital advertising whereas SEM is any sort of activity done to improve the way you can be found on search engine activity. Both are different yet related.

At Bluelinks, the best PPC Services in Delhi, our PPC services include discovery process, auditing, campaign development, segmentation of data and targeting, insights and monthly reporting.

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