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A stunning logo ensures a great first expression. In today’s time, a viewer or customer’s attention span has become very small. Therefore, your logo should be a creative and unique design that can communicate a brand’s image to its audiences. Our logo designer in Delhi, Abhishek Oberoi, leaves no stone unturned to design a logo that communicates your brand’s values and personality. Even though anybody can create a logo in today’s time with various templates available on the internet, a good logo designer in Delhi NCR creates an identity for a brand that is unique. A professional logo designer keeps in mind various elements like fonts, colors, etc.


80% increase in brand recognition with a colored logo design.
80% of design crowdsourcing is done by small businesses and startups.
Blue is the top logo color by far, accounting for nearly 40% of FORTUNE 500 list.

Abhishek Oberoi

I am the co-founder at Bluelinks, a creative and passionate logo designer in Delhi. I have an experience of over 7 years in creating multilingual logos. I have a good sense of colours and an exceptional reputation when it comes to delivering projects as promised. I aim to provide guaranteed satisfaction regarding quality of designs.

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Designing a logo is an art. One can always take inspiration but never duplicate someone else’s logo. Because your logo is your identity and you would never want your customer to confuse you with another brand. There are many elements that a logo designers in Delhi works on to create a logo for you that you can fall in love with. A logo should be balanced and reflect your company’s heart. At the same time it should be creative and unique. Designing complex logos can create difficulty reproducing them for print media. I believe in designing a simple logo which can enhance the versatility of the creative made with that logo.


Like every other logo designer in Delhi, I have my own approach to develop a logo. I believe logo is something that defines your company’s values and ethics. Your company’s reputation gets attached to your logo. I combine research and analysis with my creativity to design a stunning logo.

  • Brainstorming and research
  • The first step as a logo designer in Delhi is to understand what are brand’s values and business goals. Also analyzing competitors to establish a unique identity is vital. I aim to understand what kind of first impression the brand wants to make on its viewers and clients.

  • Industry Research
  • It is important to understand what ire the industry dynamics. I do not believe in going in sync with the industry trends when it comes to building an identity. I believe as a logo maker in Delhi it is my duty to build a unique identity keeping in mind the customers you want to target.

  • Create drafts
  • After a thorough understanding of your requirement, I draft a rough design of my version of your brand identity and requirement. Once the draft is ready I present it to you along with a fine presentation of how your logo will appear o different marketing platforms.

  • Completion
  • Once the draft is approved, I complete the design within the time period discussed and agreed upon. The final logo is delivered in various forms of digital files like PDF, AI, High reolution PNG. All baasic variations are included like the white version, black version and monichrome version.


  • You want a re-call value
  • A good logo can make an identity for your brand and a good graphic designer in Delhi can put all the values of that brand in an image. In fact, logo is one of the most important investments a brand can make.

  • Generate Interest
  • Through an attractive logo, a good logo designer in Delhi communicates ownership. It tells who you are, what products or services you sell, and what benefit can you provide your customers.

  • Be a conversation starter
  • Every logo designer in Delhi aims to create a design that is attractive and unique. As a customer you want a logo that is so different that your customers talk about it.

  • Establish yourself as a trusted brand
  • In order to form a brand identity it is important to hire a professional logo designer in Delhi who can generate a logo design that inspires trust. A vibrant logo representing your company's values can build trust easily.


  • Simplicity
  • Clarity
  • Relevance
  • Versatality
  • Timelessness
  • Appropriate
  • Originality
  • Balance & Proportion
  • Convey's message
  • Consistency
  • Meaningful
  • Black and white versions
  • Uniqueness
  • Memorable
  • Appealing
  • Scalable


  • The Graphic
  • The graphic element of a logo contains icons, textures, illustartions, patterns, shape, negative space etc designed together to bring a logo alive. There is always a reason for each element to be present in the logo an dholds a purpose of communication to the audiences.

  • The Typeface
  • Typeface represents the type or fonts (or combination of fonts) used to style a logo and it's tagline. i usually limit myself to two complimentary fonts for one logo design. whichever font you use, it must associate a meaning or value attached to the brand

  • The Color Palette
  • For a logo designer in Delhi, choosing the colour combination is a very crucial decision. Colours that we choose for our brand, speak about our product category and emotions. This decision helps to convey our brand story in an optimized way and helps reinforce brand communications.


When you start a business and decide to do it’s branding, the first step is to get a logo designed. Most people immediately jump to websites that let you create logos. But believe me, hiring a professional is very important as we discussed above. I, being a professional logo designer Delhi, know the psychology of colors, fonts and other elements like icons and images. I design logos that engage your targets for your new business and speak volumes about your brand identity and trust-worthiness. My logo designs make your business recognizable and can fit in any kind of creative for digital or print media.

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Our graphic design service Packages

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From designing a logo to a complete stationery kit, all promotional material like pamphlets, flyers, boards, brochures, standee, danglers, leaflets, hoarding, billboards, banners, display board etc and packaging material like product packaging and product labelling, we provide all freelance logo designer in Delhi work.



  • Logo Design-3500/-
  • Individual Design-2200/-
  • 2 options will be given
  • Social media posts
  • Pamphlets/menu etc.



  • Logo Design
  • 3 options will be given
  • 2 Flyers
  • Visiting-card
  • Letterhead



  • Logo Design
  • 3 options will be given
  • 5 Flyers
  • Visiting-card and Letterhead
  • 5 Social Media Posts Designs



  • Pamphlets, Display-boards etc
  • Resteraunt Menus
  • Complete Product Labelling
  • Complete Website Graphics
  • Maximum number of designs: 50
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Abhishek Oberoi-Logo Designer in Delhi

  • Highly creative and passionate.
  • Exceptionally good graphic designer.
  • The best logo designer in Delhi.
  • Seventeen years of experience.
  • Custom made designs everytime.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


A good logo is one that conveys brand's message and identity to its viewers. The main purpose of a logo is brand identification and communication. The two main factors that make a logo effective are unique concept and excellent execution.

As we are primarily focused in providing our services for small and medium size businesses our charges are quite affordable starting from R.s 3500 for a single logo design along with two modifications.

When we create a logo for you, we give you full ownership of that design for which you have paid us.

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