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Have you optimized your website and got ranked on Google listing but still not able to generate leads? Do you have a yearend target to fulfil and cannot wait for long term lead generation strategy to work? Do you need quick quality leads? Don’t worry! You have reached the best PPC service provider in Delhi. PPC has time and again proven itself to be one of the most reliable digital marketing strategies. It is the parallel world of traditional paper print marketing technique that can be optimized largely to target a particular audience while investing lesser capital.

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Over time, PPC has become an essential component of every company's digital marketing plan. A data-driven and organised PPC campaign can increase your ROI twofold. learn how you can benefit from PPC here.
The average cost per click is between $1 and $2 on the google search network. PPC works more or less the same way as auctions. The two important factors to be considered are - the quality score and the maximum bid. To start your PPC campaign with us Call now.
Depending on the campaign, PPC services may vary on a wide range. Click here to see our complete packages.


Keyword research is the first step towards a PPC program/campaign. It is a vital resource for lead generation and the base for any digital marketing campaign to be successful. We at Bluelinks, the best PPC service in Delhi focus on choosing the most relevant keywords to bid on which have high chances of giving conversions. Our goal is to make you appear when your customers are searching for your product/service. To curate the keyword list (only related to your product/service) for you, we put ourselves in your customer’s shoes and think of the words and queries that they would type. We use a mix of long-tail keywords; miss-spelt keywords (as some people don’t always write in perfect English) etc. to strategize and develop the PPC campaigns. Pay Per Click campaign is an ongoing process which needs regular updating and management. Every pay per click campaign that we work on is unique, has an organized structure and includes comprehensive keyword research. We work on our S-N-H approach, which is Smart Not Hard. We understand that it is essential to generate maximum leads in a limited time and constrained budget. We build and implement three kinds of PPC campaigns to suit your business needs and goals, namely Search Campaign, Display Campaign and shopping campaign.

Keywords Drive 90% Search Engine Advertising.
49% of people are most likely to click on an Ad Campaign.
45% of small businesses use PPC advertising.


Landing page optimization is an essential part of search engine marketing. It is the process of optimizing your webpage to generate higher leads. We do this process to increase conversion rate. Our main goal of optimizing your landing page is to increase the return on the investment made by you for your PPC campaign. Is your current landing page not converting? If yes, you don’t need to worry anymore. We, the best PPC service in Delhi create compelling and welcoming web pages that can engage your audience and drive more leads within your budget. Our landing page copy is always user-friendly, convincing and eye-catching. Apart from making optimized landing pages for you, we strategically improve your current landing pages that are not giving you conversions by identifying potential problems and tracking visitor behaviour for which we use best-in-the-industry tools and techniques.

Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%.
5% of businesses cannot find experts for landing page.
61% of companies run 5 or fewer landing page tests per month.


As an advertiser, Google has given us two options of advertising on Google namely Display Advertising (when your ads are displayed across websites referred to as Google Display Network.) and Search Advertising (when your announcements appear on Google Search Engine.). Our teams at Bluelinks, after a thorough discussion with you, understand your requirements and plan out whether we need to run your ads on search network or display network. The essence of both systems is different and should ideally match your advertising goal. Targeting both at the same time often seems to be a great idea but, trust us, it is not. So if ever anyone has advised you to do that, please change your miss-conception. On a single goal, we may opt to run ads (using different campaigns) on both the networks but only after categorizing the sub-goals that would match with each network. Our goal is to empower you, and not Google! Our Ad strategies are smart, and we the best PPC service in Delhi try to utilize every penny that you spend on the campaign. We carefully draft each ad copy according to the nature of the ad type that we are targeting for you because we believe the content and design of a display ad copy always differ from that of a search ad copy. We run successful ad campaigns for all kinds of budgets and businesses.

Display Network reaches over 90% of global internet users
Top three ad spots take about 40% of the clicks on the page.
Search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.


Re-marketing is a marketing technique, is very persuasive and goal achieving. You must have heard the phrase “wherever you go, Google follows”. This is re-marketing for you. We the best PPC service in Delhi follow your consumers on almost all platforms and leave them with no option but get converted. We take re-marketing for all our PPC clients very seriously because we know that you have invested money in the ad campaign and now there is no looking back. Our goal is to get you conversions in that particular budget, anyhow. Through this targeted technique, we show ads to people, who have already visited your website once, on other platforms. As a marketer, at times, we feel scared a little, thinking that consumers hate ads. But the fact is that consumers do not mind seeing ads; they have a problem with irrelevant ads. This is where our style of re-marketing comes into play. We carefully select the target audience after their behavioural research on your website and target them for only those products and services that we will be happy to see which dramatically increases the ROI since the visitor is already familiar with the brand.

77% of the people use ad-filtering than a complete ad-block.
25% of online viewers enjoy seeing retargeted ads.
49% of brands have a dedicated budget for retargeting.
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Team at Bluelinks is absolute powerhouse the ease of understanding the business and developing a marketing campaign around it gave good results

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Our Approach to implement PPC for you.

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Analysing and Competitors Research

We analyze your already running campaigns and competitor analysis and find top-performing campaigns and strategize for new ones to be in sync with the old, successfully running PPC.


Determine Goals and creating schedules

After a thorough discussion with you, we determine the campaign goals keeping in mind the company goals as briefed by you and create schedules accordingly to run campaigns.


Re-analyze and focus on conversions

After the campaign goes live, we sit with the whole team and analyze our shortcomings and strong points and re-strategize. The goal is to maximize the conversions within the same budget.


Optimize under-performing Campaigns

Removing these campaigns may be easy but not the smartest move. We work hard to optimize those campaigns as you have previously invested your hard-earned money in it.

Benefits of taking our PPC servies

Wondering about the need for PPC services

Quick entry

You may have started late or been behind your competitors, but through PPC strategies, you can jump ahead and reach your customers well.

Easily measured results

Running Google ads is not easy (Well! Leave that on us.) but measuring and tracking the results can be done quickly and efficiently through various tools.

Business goals

PPC will help you achieve multiple goals like e-commerce, branding or generating leads, reputation management etc. with the same budget.

Targeting Options

Through PPC, you have control over who you are targeting, how and when. We choose the right set of keywords for you after extensive market research.

Immediate Results

You can advertise to thousands of people looking for your product or service, and the results are quicker as you push your ad towards them.

Building SEO

PPC helps to identify keywords to be targeted to reach your audience, which acts as significant support in SEO practices, leads to higher sales.

Quality Traffic

Reaches people who are searching to solve their problems to which you provide the solution. Such users are already interested in your product.

Brand Recognition

Helps in making people aware of your brand. When they continuously see ads from your brand, they eventually start recalling it.

Looking for Professional Approach and Quality Services ?

PPC Management

Managing your company's PPC ad spent and it's best utilization is our forte. Just putting up an ad on Google with a substantial amount will not get you leads. Optimizing the ad, the campaign and managing it from time to time to get higher ROI on ad spend to generate leads is the right procedure of running PPC on your Google account. To run a successful PPC campaign, we at Bluelinks, have sufficient workforce, experienced advertisers, expensive database and software systems. Contact Us now to get started.

  • Thorough keyword analysis
  • Channel startegy and competitive analysis
  • Negative match and monitoring


While most agencies use the word SEM for PPC, please understand that both are different strategies of digital marketing. On the one hand, SEM (search engine marketing) is slow and free but durable; PPC is fast and paid but temporary.
PPC is a way of advertising on the search engine with two kinds of payment methods, i.e. CPA (cost per action) and CPM (cost per mile). These include Google shopping ads, Google search network ads, Google display network ads and Bing product ads. To know more about these ads and to run ads on Google contact Bluelinks.
Even though I would like to say that the performance of any PPC campaign depends on your goal, I know that this is not the answer that you are looking for. On average, a PPC campaign can take a minimum of 3 months to start showing quantitative results. We have a minimum contractual period of 6 months.
Using a landing page instead of a product page for ads is not an option anymore as it promotes sale by conveying a solid offer with an active call to action, both being two essential elements for conversion.
YES! People click on google ads. Statistics show that 65% of all clicks made by users who intend to make a purchase go to paid ads and Roughly 52% of people shopping online prefer to click on paid advertisements atop Google’s search engine results pages.