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Logo Designing is a powerful tool for marketing and branding a business. A logo is what represents your business publically. Your customers and users build their trust in your logo as you progress in your branding activity. It is about creating a visual for your company that users can relate to and put their trust and money on.


Over 90% of the global population recognize the iconic Coca-Cola logo
9% of global brands didn’t include their business name in their logos

Nitika Oberoi

I am the co-founder at Bluelinks, a professional at logo design India. If you need a custom quality logo, I create stunning and original design logos that make sure your business stands out in the crowd. Both your customers and competitors will be spell-bound. All the logos I design have the same goal-build a solid marketing foundation for your business.

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A good logo design always has interesting design elements and colors, It should be such that it enhances your packaging and blend well with other marketing materials. Your logo should speak volumes about the brand's essence and nature of work for example the logo for a farm-to-table brand should have an organic style whereas a makeup or skincare brand should have a fresh and healthy feel. Since the attention span of customers is very short these days, you as a brand have only 2 seconds to grab their attention. Here comes your logo to your rescue. Your logo quickly grabs the attention of your customer and communicate your brand's values and essence.


If you notice in big brands, the logos of Indian companies resonate with trust and that is the reason why people are loyal towards them, even if they charge higher. Even the best logo design in India does not have the brand name written in it but people can still recognize it. The reason is that the way the best logo designers in India make the logos. The logo reveals your identity in a very subtle way but with a strong message. In a small survey, a few logo designers in Bangalore said they make sure that the logos are imprinted on other marketing material to communicate ownership. Bluelinks are the best logo design company in India that provideS you unique logos at the most competitive logo design price in India.

  • You need to build trust
  • A good logo design India builds trust and makes people stick around you in long term. It defines who you are and what you do.

  • You need to communicate benefits
  • A good logo design India creates easy communication with people who have never known you about your brand benefits.

  • You need to look more professional
  • If your logo design India looks unprofessional, potential clients question your ability to deliver the products or services.

  • You need to stand out to customers
  • To ensure that your customers remember you even after you finishing serving them, you need a strong logo design India for positive association.


  • Simple
  • Relevant
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate
  • Distinct
  • Targeted
  • Right shape
  • Right tone
  • Right typography
  • Right business cues


Some people tend to use online tools like logo maker in India. These tools will give you a cheaper and faster way of making a logo but will these logos empower you to build your brand identity? My answer is NO!. Being in the team of the best logo design company in India and having worked with so many budding businesses, I assure you that if you get a professional logo that has research work and conceptualization behind it, half your marketing job will become very easy. Remember logo is not something you make today and change tomorrow. Any logo designer in India is always focused on producing a logo that you can keep forever and enjoy recognition with. When I, the best logo designer in India design a logo, I keep in mind that it distinguishes you from the competition and facilitates brand loyalty.


  • Brand Evaluation
  • One of the steps in my logo design process pdf is to understand your business goals and values like what problem are you solving for your customer, your brand voice, your unique value proposition, your beliefs, and values and how would you want your customers to describe you.

  • Industry Research
  • Next in logo design India is researching your industry practices and standards for example which color dominates your industry, what all techniques are used, how can you stand apart but still be a part of the industry, and so on.

  • Logo Application
  • Your branding strategy also includes the way your logo design India will be used for various strategies and at various mediums. Keeping these all in mind, I choose the color and shapes of the logo that fits best your strategy like if you have heavy social media then the logo must fit square and circle.

  • Conceptualize and Drafting
  • After you hire me, I immediately start conceptualizing logo design India ideas already running on my mind. Even if I am certain about some idea I still create multiple drafts for you and showcase them to you in a logo design process ppt which includes various mock-ups and brand imagery.

  • Feedback and Refining
  • If you request changes for my logo design India, I always take it very positively (for my growth). After getting feedback from you, I interpret it and act upon your feedback to give you a more refined and satisfactory result also the turnaround time is very quick.

  • Final Delivery
  • After finalizing the logo design India, I deliver the files in the format as required by you. In general, I include layered AI files, layered PDF files, and PNG. In some cases where you need to use the files later on, for most of the fonts used by me, the license will have to be purchased.


  • Keep the logo simple and effective
  • Communicate who you are instantly
  • Communicate what you do instantly
  • Use colors that tell your story
  • Evoke emotional connection
  • Pick colors wisely
  • Use simple iconic elements
  • Add elements that grab attention
  • Choose typo that represents your business values
  • Choose typo that impacts your user experience
  • Make sure company name is clear and legible
  • Pick colors according to customer feelings

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Our logo design rate in India is competitive and drool-worthy

Pick The Best Logo Design Packages India

From logo design services in India to a complete stationery kit, all promotional material like pamphlets, flyers, boards, brochures, standee, danglers, leaflets, hoarding, billboards, banners, display board, etc and packaging material like product packaging and product labeling, we provide all services here.



  • Logo Design-6500/-[2 options]
  • Individual Design-2200/-
  • Social media posts
  • Pamphlets/Thumbnails/Cover Picture



  • Logo Design
  • 2 options will be given
  • 2 Flyers
  • Visiting-card
  • Letterhead



  • Logo Design
  • 3 options will be given
  • 5 Flyers
  • Visiting-card and Letterhead
  • 5 Social Media Posts Designs



  • Pamphlets, Display-boards etc
  • Resteraunt Menus
  • Complete Product Labelling
  • Maximum number of designs: 50
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Why Logo Is Important

  • It grabs attention
  • It builds brand loyalty
  • It helps to create memories
  • It makes a good first impression
  • It distinguishes you from competitors
  • It lays the foundation for your brand identity


The first stage of my logo design process is Brand Evaluation. I understand your business goals and values, your purpose of getting a logo, how would you want to use it, your communication strategy, and more.

If you are a beginner and still developing your skills, charge slightly lesser than your competitors. If you are an ace logo designer, then never under-charge for your creativity and hard work.

If you are looking for a unique logo at competitive cost contact me at Bluelinks.

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