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ppc expert in delhi

A PPC expert in Delhi, with years of experience handle Pay Per Click campaigns for Google Adwords and know very well what to do on which platform to make it actually work. Instead of spending on small promotions, i focus on the real issues to create a profitable campaign.


85% of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses.
Brand awareness can be increased by up to 80% through Google paid ads.
53% of paid clicks are made on mobile devices.

Abhishek Oberoi

I am the co-founder at Bluelinks, an experienced PPC expert in Delhi. With an experience of over 5 years in setting up profitable campaigns and optimizing it, I handle PPC campaigns for small businesses and large organizations/brands accross a wide range of markets.

Abhishek Oberoi PPC Google Adwords Expert In Delhi
ppc expert delhi india

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What is PPC? How does it work? And most importantly how can we make it work for you? These are some of the questions that would be emerging in your mind as you read about our PPC expert in Delhi. PPC is an advertising model used by most digital marketers as an important part of a complete digital marketing strategy wherein you pay the platform say Google, everytime your ad is clicked. Now, the important part. How does a PPC expert in Delhi get's you business through Ads.

Whenever there is a spot on SERPs (search engine result pages), which happens when someone searches for something on Google. Those interested in advertising products and services related to that search leads to bidding for those keywords. Our PPC expert in Delhi, Abhishek Oberoi, uses his Google Ads account to set up ads for you and determines where and when those ads would appear. On the basis of keywords, campaigns are designed. Read furthur down our process of designing a PPC campaign for you and why should you hire our Google adwords expert in India.


One cannot learn running and managing PPC campaigns from a book. It takes years of experience to perfectly run campaigns, use appropriate keywords, target relevant audience etc. The best PPC company in Delhi knows PPC inside out. Keyword research is a difficult process and time consuming. PPC expert in Delhi often has 3rd party tools that can come out with hundreds of different combinations. Often, account settings can be confusing and you may go wrong while geo targetting or expense management.

  • Are you too busy to follow latest trends?
  • Our PPC expert in Delhi understands how to keep up and also sometimes how to outsmart Google trends/algorithms. Also making sure that you understand by what technology the campaign is running is vital.

  • Do you need a manager for your existing campaign?
  • Are you funding your campaigns or disorganised ads and not getting any returns? If so, you need a PPC expert in Delhi to constantly update and assess what is lacking in your campaign.

  • Are you targeting wrong keywords for your ads?
  • The main job of a PPC expert in Delhi is to understand what people search. Constantly searching and researching the popular keyword choices and changing them whenever it is required.

  • Are you running ads without an appropriate landing page?
  • Landing page is where the user reaches onces he/she clicks on the ad. An expert PPC manager can design a strong landing page keeping in mind the CTAs and engagement.


  • Can handle simple to complex campaigns.
  • Can handle clients from different countries.
  • Carefully plans strategies for best results.
  • Always keeps updated with latest trends.
  • Commited to getting you results you want.
  • Dedicated takes full care of your campaigns.
  • Offers a comprehensive range of PPC services.
  • Can help you with PPC campaigns cross platforms.
  • Certified Google Adwords experts.
  • Proficient in all PPC campaigns.
  • Creates tailored PPC campaign startegy.
  • Takes measures to improve the results.


You look for creativity when you hire a PPC expert but please remember, there are many more traits required to perfect a PPC campaign. I use my strong analytical mind to figure out what works best for each campaign. With my knack for numbers and statistics, I try to improve your campaign while researching and keeping up with latest trends. Additionally, my understanding of HTML, Javascript, targetting and re-targetting codes helps you to have an edge over your competitors. While my analytical side works best for number game, my creativity comes out best in landing pages, visual creatives and compelling copies. My first step before starting a campaign is always researching and understanding your consumer's needs and purchase intent. I believe digital marketing is ever-changing and I know exactly how and when to adapt to the changing trends. My hunger for knowledge keeps me on top of my game and my passion for technology and digital marketing makes me want to bring out the best result from each campaign.


  • Google Adwords PPC
  • I make effective location based targetted pay-per-click search and display campaigns for your business.

  • PPC Management
  • I analyze your campaigns, make releavant changes and make sure you get returns that you desire.

  • PPC Re-Marketing
  • I help you reach those customers that showed interestest in your product/service sometime.

  • PPC Lead Generation
  • I design campaigns that helps you reach customers who have been searching for your product/service.

  • Google Shopping Ads
  • I list your products/services directly in SERPs to bring more and relevant leads and business .

  • PPC Landing Pages
  • I design landing pages according to your campaign in order to incraese leads and conversions.

  • PPC Website Optimization
  • I fully optimize your website according to the campaigns that are running which helps to increased conversions.

  • PPC Audits
  • I provide monthy audits and detailed reports to make sure your campaign is updated and giving you results as desired.


  • Competitor Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Geo targeting
  • CTA Setup
  • PPC ROI measurement
  • PPC Campaign Setup
  • Landing Page development
  • Landing Page optimization
  • PPC Ad copy development
  • Keyword AD group segmentation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Effective Ad copies
  • Create adverts to test
  • Develop campaign structure
  • Moving you with industry trends
  • Negative Keyword Management

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Our PPC service Packages

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Our PPC plan is by far the most reasonable in the industry and we provide constant help after the completion of project where and when it is required.



  • 10% above 1 lac of investment
  • 20% below 1 lac of investment
  • Complete keyword analysis
  • Landing Page Optimization
Looking for Professional Approach and Quality Services ?

Abhishek Oberoi-PPC Expert in Delhi

  • Understands important metrics.
  • Proficient in Google Ads Process.
  • Goes far and beyong in keyword research.
  • Experience in Google, Bling & Amazon Ads.
  • Believes in saving time and money.
  • Understands your vision and needs.


The expense of Google Ads totally depends on the keywords that you are targetting and the way targetting is done. I work hard on the ad copy and landing page along with proper keyword research to minimize your cost and maximize the results.

A paid search analyst ahs the responsibility of analyzing the performance of the ad running using previous and current data along with various tools to bring out the optimum results.

With the help of PPC, you can reach a wider market with your products or services. With an optimized PPC strategy, you can achieve your goals easily as the various PPC tools will align your website to your golas directly.

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