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ppc services in pune

Since you landed here on this page, we are assuming, you know what PPC is all about. But, do you also know how does it work? You as an advertiser only pay when people interact with your ad. If done strategically like we do at Bluelinks, the best PPC Services in Pune, PPC has to fetch you a huge number of leads. Even though PPC is commonly used for search engine result pages (SERPs), it is now being increasingly used for social media platforms as well. If you are wondering why should you spend money (to appear on the same page) when you can do it organically through SEO, remember, competition for keywords is increasing every day, and gaining domain authority is becoming difficult. We at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Pune seamlessly incorporate your SEO strategies with PPC campaigns for achieving the best ROI.


41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page.
52% of PPC clicks come from mobile.
77% of users are confident they can recognize paid search ads.

Benefits of PPC services in Pune

  • Reduce advertising cost
  • Pay according to clicks
  • Improves SEO campaigns
  • Analyze performance
  • Improve quality score
  • Boost website traffic
best ppc company in pune



The effectiveness of keywords that we at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Pune, choose is directly related to the keyword match type that we select for you. Our experts understand where to use exact match and where not. We also keep a close watch on negative keywords, choose them wisely to keep you from appearing on irrelevant searches.Our competitor research is strong and holds a lot of importance but we also keep away from targetting the same keywords as them even if they are irrelevant.


At Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Pune, we first identify potential problems before optimizing the landing page. We use heat maps that show you where peopleare clicking on the current landing page and put the most important element there. We also use scroll maps, confetti maps, overlay reports and list reports for proper understanding of what went wrong. Our landing page optimization process starts the minute we start designing your landing page.


The two kinds of PPC ads-search ads and display ads are different in many ways and we at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Pune, suggest those with a large marketing budget to go for both because each network has campaigns suited best for that. Search ads are more suitable for small businesses. We can control who we reach and therefore, we do not end up wasting money on those who are not even interested in your products and services as opposed to Display Ads, used largely to make an impact or branding.


Re-targeting can be successful only if you know what to offer to the prospective customer who will make him/her change their mind and opt for our service/product. Therefore we focus first on the reason for sale failure. We at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Pune target these customers on some websites or social media. Re-targeting is the best way to reach these prospects. For example, when someone comes to your website and browses a few products/services, but doesn’t make a purchase, retargeting can help you reach them again.


Make your offer clear
Use contrasting colors
Use scarcity techniques.
Add contact information.
Always use an exit popup.
Simplify your landing page.
Keep A/B testing everything.
Use different form lengths.
Use different headlines and copy.
Keep your call-to-action buttons straightforward.
Add testimonials to help convert undecided users.
Add the list to Facebook audience manager



  • Potential customer needs your product urgently
  • You have a small marketing budget
  • Your product has short sale cycle
  • You cater to local market


  • You are more focussed on brand building
  • You use photos to promote your offers
  • Your product has lengthy sale cycle
  • You cater to luxury buyers


The banners or ads that you see on the websites on the top or in the corners are display ads. Google Display Network segments websites by category and offers them to us to display our ads. We at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Pune, also make use of remarketing to reach these users who have visited before. We create ads in different sizes and different images and creatively add text that allows to to stand out in the crowd of your competitors.


As opposed to display ads that show on various websites, search ads show only on search engines. We at Bluelinks, the best PPC services in Pune, create a list of relevant keywords after thorough research and bid for them to showcase your ads for those particular keywords. With your competitors trying equally hard to show up on the same keywords, the bid keeps increasing. In such a situation, we as PPC experts in Pune understand which keywords to spend more money on. We focus on increasing your traffic. Additionally we optimize the content of the website to get better results.

Services Offered

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Our PPC Packages

Pick The Best PPC Plan For You

Our PPC packages are very affordable and all the services that we provide are measurable. We provide complete reports from time to time. Our packages are perfect for those having small businesses or those already planning to expand their projects nationwide. We target medium to high competition keywords and rank you higher than your current position. Please remember that PPC is a long term process and we do not promise suddent effects. Our commitments are genuine and practices are ethical.


15000/- Plus

  • 10% above 1 lac of investment
  • 20% below 1 lac of investment
  • Complete keyword analysis
  • Landing Page Optimization
Get the expertise you were looking for.

Why Bluelinks for PPC

  • Tailor made reporting
  • Periodic meetings
  • Zero percent out sourcing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Stay calm amid high pressures
  • Super organized and data driven.


Bluelinks is the best company that provides excellent PPC services in Pune and other parts of the country.

PPC is highly recommended at the starting stage of your business or website to show your brand loyalty to your existing customers.

The main reason behind not getting quality leads is wrong targeting. You maybe showcasing your ad to those who do not require your products or services. Hire a professional PPC company like Bluelinks and start targeting relevant audience.

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