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Are you short of potential ideas to generate business? Do you have a fantastic idea but feel that you do not have enough funds to start your project? Or are you one of those who have funds but are unsure of your business plan?
If you recognize yourself as one of the above, you need top consultancy in delhi who can guide you through the journey of developing an idea into a full-fledged business. Our Special Consultancy is one such service in which our expert Mr. Abhishek Oberoi, with his vast experience and knowledge, guides you at each step from developing an idea into an out-of-the-box business plan to reaping the results of the money invested in the proposal.

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75% of people have ideas but do not convert them into businesses.
85% of businessmen do not have time to strategize and concentrate on marketing.
90% say they have funds but do not know how to allocate them.

Meet your Guide-Mr. Abhishek Oberoi

  • Heads the topmost business consultancy in delhi.
  • Specializes in business strategy.
  • Believes in staying ahead of competitors.
  • Trained in finance, a great entrepreneur.
  • Expert in problem solving, planning and organization.
  • Believes in ethical ways of doing business and fair dealing.
  • Enjoys reading, writing and politics.
  • Thrives on building and growing relationships with clients.
  • Big-picture thinker and multi-tasker, who is empathetic towards his colleagues.
Our expert suggests

Slow down to move fast.

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Why do you need our consultancy?

To gain knowledge

Lack of experience or knowledge on how to successfully launch a business prevents you from focusing on providing the best experience to your customers.

To obtain expertise

You may lack the skills required to set up a particular kind of business, and outsourcing these may offer you extra advantages in long run.

To identify problems

Scrutinizing business from an external point of view can be crucial for improvement as you may not be able to identify problems on your own.

For constructive criticism

Receiving honest and unbiased feedback can be beneficial for any business start-up including an external outlook on the practices and execution.

Reasons to choose us

How to find a business consultant in Delhi

It may be challenging to have someone on board as a business consultant in Delhi and open up yourself and your business idea and tactics in front of someone else or someone new. Working with someone passionate about your success as much as you are will lead you to a smooth path to success. At bluelinks, the top consultancy in Delhi, we guide each client to the journey of their success only if we have the expertise in their industry. Also, we like to keep facts forward and believe in fair dealing only. It is essential to understand that a business consultant in Delhi must have hands-on experience in successfully running the business and dealing with several departments in your own country.

How our Business Consultant in Delhi work

Our first working phase is the discovery phase. Our business consultant in Delhi take time to learn as much as we can about you as a person and your business idea, which includes meeting you in person several times and visiting your workplace. During this phase, we also uncover your mission and long term vision. The second phase is an important one, the evaluation phase. Our business consultant in Delhi identify your strengths and weaknesses and foresee the problems that may be financial or managerial. During this phase, we also find out opportunities for growth and increasing efficiency. The third phase is the solution phase. We develop solutions for the problems that you may be already facing or may face in the future. We develop a plan to capitalize on the opportunities that can take your business a notch higher. The fourth phase is that of consulting. Once you and we agree on the plan, we focus on its implementation. We, the top consultancy in Delhi assist you in building on assets and eliminating liabilities. During this phase, we regularly monitor the progress of the plan and make frequent changes wherever it's required until the business starts running. The product development gets finished at this stage. The last phase is the marketing phase. Our business consultant in Delhi meticulously plan out the entire digital marketing strategy along with the traditional ways of marketing (if required) and start implementing them step by step.

Looking for Professional Approach and Quality Services ?

What we do as consultants for you

  • Provide expertise in your niche.
  • Create a proper road map.
  • Provide management advice.
  • Provide unbiased feedback.
  • Help to influence lobbyists.
  • Create a proper road map.
  • Create a proper road map.
  • Identify your problems.
  • Initiate change for you.
  • Provide objectivity.
  • Revive your organization.
  • Create new business opportunities.
  • Provide sources for acquisition of raw materials, licenses etc.

We give you more than just the ADVICE.

Our approach to viewing the process of consultancy as a sequence of various phases discussed above does comprise of guiding and advising you at each stage. At the same time, our senior business consultant in Delhi Mr. Abhishek Oberoi is involved with each client at every step, empowering them with his knowledge and persuasion to push them in the right direction. At Bluelinks, the top consultancy in Delhi, we provide you with constant support and guide you through the process of product/service development, pricing decision, and promotion strategy. By providing you with all the sources required at each step, we make sure you save every penny that you can.

  • Providing the right information to the client.
  • Solving all kinds of problems for the clients.
  • Making diagnosis and recommendations from it.
  • Assisting in implementation of business solutions.
  • Facilitate learning and enabling client's growth.
  • Constant assistance on promotional material.
  • Providing for underlying needs of clients.
  • Help in decision making At every step til success.

Be driven, for your idea

Let us start by saying that everyone has ideas. On average, two out of four people get ideas by dozen every day. These ideas can be converted into successful business plans, but the question arises that are you driven enough to see those ideas through to that goal or milestone?. We at Bluelinnks. the top consultancy in Delhi, can nurture your idea, or let's call it seed to bloom with proper research and strategy, only if you are driven to go further with your idea. Please remember:

  • Stick to one business idea.
  • Test your ideas with actual customers.
  • Think big. Is your idea scalable?


If you are genuinely interested in starting a business and have an allocated fund for it, contact us at Bluelinks to meet the best business consultant in Delhi.
Indeed, you alone cannot do things yourself to grow your business. For this, you need proper guidance. We at bluelinks, the top consultancy in Delhi, can help you grow your business, guide and support you at each stem and assist you in fund management.
Setting up a business in Delhi will depend on what is your idea and how much are you ready to invest. If you choose to subscribe to our top consultancy service in Delhi, we will take you through the phases of setting up your business after a thorough discussion of your business idea.