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freelance website designer in delhi

A website designer does not just magically create all those beautiful websites you browse every day. What goes behind is a lot of planning and coding. Combining images with sounds and text and keep the sync with your brand's identity remains the front focus of any freelance website designer in Delhi. Apart from that, making sure your website is mobile-friendly, SEO friendly, and fast amongst many other factors makes it a job of patience.


48% of users believe website design is the #1 factor when judging a business's credibility.
57% of consumers wouldn’t recommend a business without a mobile-friendly website.

Nitika Oberoi

I am the co-founder at Bluelinks, a freelance website designer in Delhi. With vast experience in creating mobile-friendly and fully optimized websites that help your other strategies of digital marketing in conversions, I have excelled in understanding customer needs for various industries and competitor analysis. I build these as a foundation while developing your website to increase lead conversions.

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A professional freelance website designer in Delhi, not just build's a simple WordPress website. They are equipped to make appropriate landing pages for your campaigns and products. Also hiring a freelance website designer in Delhi saves you from hiring a developer and designer separately because they are mostly trained for both specializations. They take responsibility for what your website looks like and also seamlessly develop and apply algorithms for the functioning of those features. I am a creative person who does not believe in creating websites looking at others. Every website I design and develop is unique and speaks volumes about the brand's essence. My understanding of user experience and user reactions make it easier for me to design websites that are easy to use and focus on problem-solving. Whereas my analytical mind creates codes and algorithms that can make those systems work.


As a small business entrepreneur or a large business organization CEO, you must be having 101 other things to focus on and larger financial and team issues to address. In such a situation or scenario, it is evident to hire a professional freelance website designer in Delhi. That way, your website can be updated frequently and consistently without any lack of knowledge and time. freelance website designer in Delhi will take care of all technical issues, make sure your website is ready for SEO strategy implementation and coordinate with other digital marketing strategists for smooth functioning of your digital plan.

  • You need to strengthen your online strategy
  • A Freelance Web Designer job is to focus on laying a strong foundation for your website for many years to come. Keeping in mind your target audience, I design a website that replicates the company's values.

  • You do not have a professional looking website
  • As a freelance website designer in India, I believe the first impression is the last. When a user visits a website he/she must feel that this is the right place to buy from.

  • Your bounce rate is very high
  • As a website designer in delhi ncr, I can assure you that if your site speed is high and UX is good, your bounce rate will go down and you will get more leads from your website.

  • You need to spend more time running your business
  • As a freelance Web developer Delhi ncr, I will take care of all your website-related updates and problems and you can focus entirely on running your businesses and solving other major problems.


  • Industry Experience
  • Expansive portfolio
  • Competitve pricing
  • Good communicator
  • Flexibility of alterating the project
  • Set and meet the said deadlines
  • Also offers website maintenance
  • Well versed with web technologies
  • Readily accessible contact and location
  • Knowledge techniques and strategies
  • Reasonable contect and pricing
  • Offer multiple related services


Your website can make or break your brand or business. The patience level of an online user is small and they are soiled with choices all over the internet. Therefore it takes just a few seconds for them to form an opinion about your business. Even though most first impressions are design-related. But the breaking point becomes the usability and the speed of the website. Being a part of website designing company in delhi ncr, I like to give equal importance to both front-end and back-end jobs and focus primarily on user experience. I create websites that rank and convert leads. Each website that I design is highly optimized, ready to take on any SEO challenge and face its competitors with full force. Along with focussing on SEO and getting the user to the website, I also like to focus on converting the lead that has visited the website. Factors like placing the call to action, forms, etc play a major role in conversions.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Before starting developing your website, I make a detailed strategy for your brand. As a freelance web designer in Delhi, I keep a solid idea of the purpose of building the website, study the audience well and decide the tone of voice in advance.

  • Design Approach
  • As a best freelance website designer in Delhi, I take into account the color of the website and layout in advance. Even if we decide to use a WordPress template, I like to customize the shapes and fonts according to the brand. I prioritize navigation, CTAs, readability, and more.

  • Responsiveness
  • As a freelance website developer in Delhi, I aim to build websites that rank well on the google search engine. I focus on keyword research, write every piece of text with SEO in mind, add alt text, meta tags, and include link building throughout the website.

  • Engagement
  • As a freelance web developer in Delhi, I focus on engagement after the website goes live. Unless the visitors do not interact with the website, we can never know our shortcomings. I use tools like newsletters, blogs, and social feeds to create engagement.

  • Prepare for SEO
  • As a web designer in Delhi, I aim to build websites that rank well on the google search engine. I focus on keyword research, write every piece of text with SEO in mind, add alt text, meta tags, and include link building throughout the website.

  • Analysis
  • After the website goes live, I as a freelance website designer in Delhi, track the performance of the website using various tracking tools and software and work on any issues technical or others to resolve the problem and get desired results.

Do I Need A Professional Website Designer & Developer

If you are looking for a Web Design and Development our whole team at Bluelinks are ready to serve you by providing you with Professional Web Design & Development Services, even if you already have a website that is outdated or just need to re-design on the latest technologies like PHP, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Ruby On Rails etc we can help you accomplish this, our websites are 100% SEO friendly that loads fast are indexable, crawlable and are structured the right way which makes the search engines their best friends.

  • Where to get designer for cheap

  • There are many ways to get cheap web designers. One way is to use a website like Fiverr.com. You can find web designers on this website who will design your website for as little as $5. Another way to get cheap web designers is to use a freelancer website like Upwork.com. You can post a job on this website and receive bids from freelance web designers worldwide.

  • Can we expect support services after the website development is complete?

  • Yes, of course, we at Bluelinks give support for the websites built by us for six months in case any bugs or glitches occur. We rectify them at the earliest.

  • Can you help me with re-designing my existing website?

  • Of course, we can help you re-design your whole website according to the latest standards and make them pretty along with upgrading them to the latest web technologies platforms.

  • Do You Provide SEO-friendly Websites?

  • Yes, we provide 100% SEO-friendly websites, and the Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., love what we code, which makes them indexable and crawlable pretty fast. In today's time, there is no point in developing a website that is not SEO friendly as it will not get any ranking boost in the SERP, which means no or low Traffic.

  • Do You also provide Digital Marketing Services?

  • Yes, we provide all kinds of Digital Marketing Services ranging from Paid to Organic listing to boost your rankings and drive in more conversions for your service or business.

  • Do you also provide website content writing services?

  • Yes, we do provide content writing services; the cost of writing content starts from 50 paise and goes up to R.s 3/- per word depending on the kind of content that needs to be written for a specific topic.


  • Build responsive websites
  • Build creative landing page
  • Conversion focussed design
  • Communicate brand message
  • Custom website design
  • Competitor research
  • Front-end HTML developemnt
  • Backend website development
  • CMS installation and setup
  • Website copywriting
  • Content Strategy
  • CSS Development
  • Build E-commerce websites
  • SEO friendly web design code
  • Create website wireframe
  • Custom programming.
  • Design corporate blogs
  • Shopify website design

Do you know why your website isn’t getting the expected traffic?

There are many factors to rank a website / URL. Google considers as many as 200 different variables essential to rank a website. For which a thorough analysis/ audit of a website is a must.

  • Do you want to create an effective web presence that reels in massive web traffic?

  • Suppose you are looking to amass massive web traffic. In that case, you should invest in making your content strategy that educates your prospects and answers their most relevant questions, which none of your competitors has answers to.

  • Do you want your brand to be discovered by many people online?

  • To increase your brand presence online, the way to move forward will be by delivering relevant content and information your prospects are looking for.

  • Is it necessary to host my website with you?

  • Absolutely not we are a Digital Marketing Company, not a Hosting Company, and instead, we prefer you purchase your hosting, which makes us even happier. We always encourage our clients to buy the domain & hosting in their own name and design the website for you.

  • Are you looking for a website designing company in Delhi?

  • If you have been looking out for a Professional Website Designing Company based in Delhi, we at Bluelinks are here to serve your needs. Making & Designing a Website is our passion.

  • Do you need a custom-designed WordPress blog, website, or page that doesn’t have a match in the world?

  • Suppose you want a custom hand-coded website that has no similarity with any other website in the world. In that case, our Web Developers are ready to take this challenge and deliver you the very best & world-class experience.

  • Need to sell your products from your E-commerce website?

  • If E-commerce Website is in your mind, we can create a fantastic website for you with all the functionalities of world leader giants E-Comm players.

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Our Website Design Service Packages

Pick The Best Website Design Plan For You

Get new websites designed from the scratch or re-design your old websites. We design each website optimized for all mobile devices and seo optimize them also. We focus largely on user experience keeping in mind the colours and images. Our team of experts design your website keeping in mind that it is the first impression about your brand and it has to be the best.



  • Complete mobile responsiveness
  • 5 Page Design Concept
  • Form Submissions
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Sitemap Creation
  • Blog Setup(Extra R.s 2000/-)
  • Amp Pages--ADDITIONAL
  • CALL/SMS, Whats app and Facebook Chat integration--ADDITIONAL
    [R.s 2500/- Each]
  • Support: 10 DAYS



  • Complete mobile responsiveness
  • 10 Page Self Manageable Website
  • Training
  • SSL Implementation
  • Sitemap Creation
  • Blog Setup
  • Amp Pages--ADDITIONAL[2500/-]
  • CALL/SMS, Whats app and Facebook Chat integration--ADDITIONAL
    [R.s 2500/- Each]
  • Support: 30 DAYS



  • Complete mobile responsiveness
  • Website Search and Video Embeds
  • Category Manager and Discount
  • Product Search and Filtering
  • Sitemap Creation
  • Blog Setup and Shopping Cart
  • 25 Pages
  • CALL/SMS, Whats app and Facebook Chat integration--INCLUDED
    [All 3 Integrations]
  • Support: 60 DAYS



  • 25 Page Self Manageable Website
  • Website Search and Video Embeds
  • Category Manager and Discount
  • Product Search and Filtering
  • Bulk upload of products
  • Blog Setup and Shopping Cart
  • Amp Pages--ADDITIONAL
  • SMS, Whats app and Facebook Chat integration--INCLUDED
    [All 3 Integrations]
  • Support: 60 DAYS
Looking for Professional Approach and Quality Services ?

Nitika-Website Designer in Delhi

  • Creates a great first impression on the user.
  • Helps you stay ahead in the competition.
  • Helps to improve visibility and branding.
  • Creates high-quality optimized websites.
  • Uses only responsive design techniques.
  • Helps you find quick solutions.
  • Communicates your brand message.


The difference between working with an agency and a freelancer is like working with a CEO and a project manager. If you wish to get the advice and directions from a leader, you must hire a freelancer.

Nitika Oberoi is the most professional freelance website designer in Delhi who has an experience of working with various brands from different industries. She is well versed with various technical & coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP and various CMS platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, Shopify and also an expert in UX and UI.

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