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In order to rank high in the google listings, we do detailed competitor analysis and form marketing strategies to outrank them. For this we use various digital marketing strategies and implement to get you higher return on your investment than before.

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Since the competition gets cut-throat in the traditional ways of doing business, we at Bluelinks empower you with the lead driven top most inetrnet marketing tools with constant support to get the the parallel world of marketing called the digital marketing.

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Our work in the field of Search Engine Optimization is constant and ethical ONLY. We strive to bring you maximum business but donot do fake promises of bringing you to the top position in the industry.Our results may be slow but they are permanent along with our constant support.

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Complete branding for the company

As we all know that first impression is the last impression, the design the first stage of promotion for any product or service. at the house of Bluelinks, we provide our customers with Only top quality relatable customer friendly design for their products, product packaging and promotional material.

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Beautiful and Functional Websites

We build websites that are fast, user frinedly and optimised to generate quality leads. The websites designed by us are attractive and mobile friendly. Each element is placed in a way that the visitor or user doesnot feel confused and the experience is such that the bounce rate is minimum.

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SEO has become a popular word these days. We all understand that SEO is something related to Digital Marketing that helps to get the business. But do you know the real meaning of SEO? Going back in time, if we had to promote our product or service, the marketing strategies were newspaper or magazine ads, banners, pamphlets, etc. Now, with the coming age of digitalization, a parallel world of marketing has surfaced, called Digital Marketing. Now we have the facility of high-speed internet and smartphones, which enable us to search the web through various search engines.


From a customer’s point of view, the results that we find on these search engines help us find the solution to our problem at minimum price. Whereas from a seller’s point of view, it helps us reach customers who are out of our neighborhood (or even city) and increases our brand’s awareness. This is where the role of or the search engine optimization comes into play. SEO is a way of increasing the number of people (traffic) visiting your websites. As an essential extension of marketing, SEO is an amalgamation of forming strategies and using tactics to obtain a higher place than your competitors in the search engine’s (Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc.) results of a particular query (keyword).


It is crucial to rank higher in Google (the most preferred search engine) search results because, with the increased awareness of digital marketing, more and more of your competitors are opting for it. The patience of a visitor searching for a solution is low. Studies show that 86% of customers click on the first ten listings and do not go further. Therefore, you need to hire only the best SEO Company in Delhi and get listed higher than your top-competitors for a particular keyword.

Looking for a Professional SEO Company in Delhi?

Welcome To Our SEO Agency

We are the best SEO company in Delhi seeking to collaborate with businesses driven towards growth by forming and managing a complete internet marketing campaign. We aim to get get more traffic (relevant users) on your website by bringing your Google listing in the top pages/listing of Google search. SEO is mainly the way of marketing that is natural also known as Organic Search, the other way being Paid Marketing.

  • Generate quality and targeted leads (for long term) for your business now.
  • We provide sustainable business through Optimised Web Design, PPC and SEO.
  • We create e-marketing campaigns that are result driven and bring you business.

Our Mission is to Capitalize your Presence in the Digital World.

We do Digital Marketing at Bluelinks in the most optimized way so that our clients can get maximum results in minimum period of time. We make sure that the website is optimized with relevant content and meta tags in order to increase the Page Rank and getting maximum clicks to generate relevant leads. For the same, we use 3 main strategies namely, SEO (Search engine optimization), PPC (Pay per click) and SMM(Social media marketing).

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We offer you a complete range of solutions for all your marketing needs. We are a team of professionals well trained in the field of digital marketing.

SEO for small business

A common myth amongst people in business is that only large business houses invest in SEO and digital marketing. Small business needs an SEO company in Delhi as much as a large investment firm. SEO is the most sought after marketing tactic for someone who has a low-cost marketing budget. We at Bluelinks, the best SEO Company in Delhi, do thorough keyword research before starting the SEO process. For a small business firm, the best marketing strategy is always the one that needs the least investment and can give long-term but fast results. Our local-SEO policies are such that fit best for your small-scale business marketing plan.

  • The first thing is to make sure that your website is fast and user-friendly to rank higher on Google.
  • This will not only help you get more clients but also get them faster than other ways of marketing.
  • It helps increase awareness about your brand by gaining top ranks in your niche-specific keywords.
Looking for a Professional SEO Company in Delhi?

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Dedicate Team

Once we take up your project, our team works dedicately day in and day out, consideraing at as our own project.

24/7 Hours Support

We understand that you have invested your hard earned money with us, therefore for your mental security we provide you 24 hrs support.

Creative Ideas

Each strategy is customised according to your budget, well though of and designed creatively to out-do your competitors.

Market Research

Once we start your work we do heavy competitor and market research for better appliation of startegies.

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We create/optimize (already created) Google listing according to your industry, including content-writing, HTML codes, keyword optimization, increasing backlink, SERP, and others. Our SEO campaign, for any company, starts from building mobile-friendly, keyword-optimized websites. We set up Google analytics and tracking the increase in traffic and clicks, thereby empowering any business through these and other strategies of SEO done by our team of experts and taking it to new heights.

  • Make good authority backlinks to increase the trust amongst the users.
  • Complete analysis and reporting of all strategies implemented for future
  • Create apt visual delights for your website in sync with your content.
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Customized and optimized SEO services to bring your Google ranking higher from where you started with us.

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Whether your promotional budget is big or small, we create relevant and optimized google ads that bring you quality leads.

Boost your Sales

Along with SEO and PPC services, we also design and develop a beautiful and catchy graphical website that attracts the user.

Become Popular

Continous efforts on social media and running social media ad campaigns leads to more people talking about you.

With Respect To Each Client

Team Of Professionals

Majority Owner
Nitika Jaina

Expert in Business Management. Uses her expertise to plan all campaigns and build strategies. Extensive knowledge in Database Management and Website Development.

Technical Lead
Abhishek Oberoi

An SEO expert believes in providing only ethical SEO services. A creative mind and a devoted reader hungry for the latest and in-depth knowledge on all most all subjects, specifically Digital Marketing.

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How we make SEO work for your business

As a marketer, we want to a new customer base as well as retain the existing one. SEO also helps us in achieving the later part of a marketer’s goal. Ranking high on Google search results, especially if you are on the first page, builds the credibility of the brand in the consumer’s mind. They feel that you are definitely capable of doing something right or providing value to them. It helps you to win their trust. We at Bluelinks, the best SEO Company in Delhi, build good quality backlinks and effectively optimize all on-page elements to bring you on top. Please remember that it will take time and a lot of effort to build a good authority and trust. In order to rank higher than your competitors, it is important to provide a good experience for the users who visit your website. If the visitor will be confused, he/she may not come back to visit the site or bounce to your competitor’s website.This will only harm your online reputation, making all SEO efforts go waste.

Customers these days, are well educated, know exactly what they need and search only for that. If your website can provide them with a simple solution to their problems, they will visit repeatedly and also leave good reviews about you. If you have a business catering to the needs of the neighbourhood or provide location-specific services, SEO, specifically local SEO can be very useful for you. For example, if you are an SEO company in Delhi (Dwarka), you want to provide your SEO services specifically for those residing or working from Dwarka, we at Bluelinks will optimize your website, backlinks as well as local listings in order to target those close to the vicinity. Through the above said strategies and GMB (Google My Business) listing, people can find you easily, increasing your brand awareness.

Like we said that today’s customer is well educated and informed, they always make their buying decisions after thorough research over the internet. This consumer behaviour gives us the advantage to influence a buyer’s decision with the help of our SEO strategies like Google reviews, being visible on social media or brand recall, and others. Unlike other digital marketing strategies or traditional marketing tactics, SEO is a relatively low-cost strategy aimed to get targeted leads. Please remember that SEO is not a strategy that will give you results from the first day of time and effort invested in it. It takes time to work and show results but these results are long term and support and benefit other marketing strategies also. They act as a cusion to other tactics and increase their effectiveness. It is an excellent investment for those businesses that have less investment budget or small scale businesses.

Our traditional ways of marketing have always been effective yet restrictive. They definitely help you reach customers but have a huge geographic limitation. Through our SEO strategies, we enable you to reach a wider audience and take your local business to a national or even international level. It gives you the opportunity to expand your service areas and do business with people across the country/world. We create optimized pages for your website targeting different locations which will bring you higher in the search engine result pages when a user searches for your service in that state/country. A good content stating all the relevant information will not only impress a prospective client sitting in another country, but it will also impress the Google search engines and give you a higher position than your competitors. So, if you want a wider audience and a greater reach for your brand, contact the best SEO company in Delhi now.


Let the numbers speak!

Bluelinks is a team of professionals who believes in excelling in Digital Marketing for our clients to not only increase their sales but also build a good reputation in the mind of their customers as an ongoing process. Each team member has core knowledge of the part played by them for your company's SEO to bring more leads and sales.


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We offer a full range of solutions for all organizations, big or small. E.g., the conception of an idea, to the execution of product development, and marketing the product online and offline. From the moment that we take up your project, each decision is wholly taken care of by our expert Mr. Abhishek Oberoi, who will guide you at every step and make your idea a success.

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SEO for E-Commerce

Keyword research is the first and the most important step in the SEO process for an e-commerce company. There are two things to remember here. First is that this step cannot be skipped. It is inevitable. Second, being that just doing keyword research is not enough. Doing it right is vital. Targeting keywords that are difficult to rank will not help you in any way. Please remember that your goal is to be on the first page of Google. Also, we don’t want to rank for keywords that will not fetch your traffic. To avoid this situation contact us to do a thorough keyword research for an e-commerce website. For optimum keyword research, specifically, for an e-commerce company, the most important factor to keep in mind is the buyer’s intent. A user, for example, maybe searching for a laptop, may not necessarily be ready to buy it. But a person searching for a Mac Book Pro is more likely to buy it.

Site architecture for an e-commerce website is the right way of setting navigation, category pages, and product pages. We aim to get the most relevant information to the users so that they don’t have to click on too many pages to get to the products they need (keeping in mind that the patience of the user is low and the choices are more). A bad site structure and navigation can leave a negative impact on the ranking in the search engine results page. The key is to pass the link juice and authority from one category/product page to another. This is the main reason why you would spend your time and money on site-structure. Consult the best SEO Company in Delhi if you don’t have an ideal site structure for your e-commerce business.

As we have discussed earlier, keyword research is an essential step for e-commerce SEO. But putting these keywords at the right places in your content is the way for on-page optimization. Our primary purpose is to make sure that Google knows what is placed where on your website. Unlike other sites, on-page SEO for e-commerce websites has to be practiced in 3 ways simultaneously i.e., for category pages, product pages, and blogs. Category pages lead your prospective customer to your products; therefore, they must have a high ranking in SERP. To optimize them efficiently, we target your main keywords, firstly, in the URL of the category pages, title tags, and header tags. Also, adding them to the alt text of the images and Metadata brings a considerable advantage. Adding to this, we make sure the content is more in case of product-page optimization.

If you feel that local SEO is important only for those who have a physical store, then you are mistaken. Local SEO strategies are equally crucial for e-commerce stores. The first thing that we at Bluelinks, do for an e-commerce business is to make a Google My Business (GMB) profile. This will increase our chances of showing on the top in the local search results. It also gives essential information like address, phone number, pictures, and reviews to your customers quickly and easily. Along with this, we make sure that the maximum backlinks are procured from local websites eg, yellow pages, etc.

It will be safe to say that mostly SEO for e-commerce websites revolve around two things-content and links. Link building is an important step but time-taking and challenging at the same time. Since this process is an off-page SEO process, we collaborate with other websites that have good authority to get these links. Associating with influencers (sites/individuals that have high domain-authority but are not our competitors) and building links the same as the competitors (improving your ranking and pushing them down) are two strategies that give a push to our process, which is otherwise slow.

Doing the keyword research and making links is not enough as an SEO plan for an e-commerce website. Some fundamental technical aspects of working on are mobile responsiveness, site speed, and user-friendly. Slow websites have a higher bounce rate because the user does not have high patience and mostly is doing multiple things at one time. Therefore it is very crucial to make sure that the website has a good loading speed. Also, studies have shown that 89% of web-surfers are mobile users. Keeping this stat in mind, it becomes essential for each website, primarily e-commerce, to make their sites mobile-friendly so that the purchase process goes smoothly on their mobile devices. Let us conclude by saying it is the user’s experience that will bring him back to the website or make him say on your website. And that is what google search engines crawl for and based on which you stand high or low on the search results.


We are a team of professionals who are passionate about the digital world. We look forward to taking each of our clients to the beautiful journey of big leads and huge sales by providing you with enormous services that we customize according to your needs, goals, and budget.

  • Digital Marketing Services (SEO, PPC, SMM, Mobile Marketing)
  • Graphic/Website Designing and Development
  • Specialised consultancy+Marketing


SEO is a vast subject for an individual to work on, especially if you are a businessman and have other responsibilities and departments to see. Seo is an ongoing process and time taking procedure that has to be taken care of on an everyday basis. At Bluelinks, a well-trained team of experts from various fields comes together to work on a single project. Contact us today to get your SEO started.

When a client comes to us with a project of getting their brand/company ranked in Google, our first step is to always do an in-depth study of the current position of their website and SEO. After this, we, in all honesty, inform you about your digital place, the time that will be required to get it ranked. Lastly, after your consent, we make a detailed report of all the strategies to implement alongside an estimate. Once the work starts, it is reviewed on a weekly or monthly basis.

SEO and Digital Marketing are such services that are dynamic and ever-changing. We customize these for each brand and individual, and there is no text-book formula. We cannot guarantee fast results (unlike other agencies), but we provide you long term solutions to maximize your conversions at minimum cost. Our work and promises are only genuine.

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