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graphic designer in pune

A graphic designer is a professional who uses elements like art, pictures, typography, icons, vectors, and more to create visual marketing material for your business/brand. Bluelinks is one of the top 10 graphic design companies in pune. We offer the best graphic design services. We have with us the best graphic designer in Pune, Abhishek Oberoi. His core responsibility is to present your brand's information and news memorably. He uses 3 main software to create all your marketing material: Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. We use all the advanced and latest tools to create impactful visuals for you. There are many branding agencies in pune, but the best design agency is the one that works closely with their clients.


67% of small businesses are willing to pay $500 for a logo.
53% of graphic designers are female, which makes them more common gender in the field.
49% of marketers agreed that visual content plays a very important role in their marketing strategy.

Abhishek Oberoi

I am the best graphic designer in Pune, india. I am well versed with typography and graphic arts to create beautiful published, print, and electronic media such as brochures and advertising. In addition, I also plan and design beautiful website interfaces. I am the best logo designer in Pune. I design logos that create and enhance brand identity. If you have any graphic designer requirement for any marketing purpose, you need not look further.

Abhishek Oberoi freelance graphic designer pune india



A logo design cost in india includes not just designing the logo, it also includes communication, planning, and research. Logo designing by me, the best graphic designer in Pune is a whole process between me and my clients. I create unique logo designs at Bluelinks, the best design agency in pune. I am equipped with all skills and capability to design logos that create a brand and take them to next level. My logo designing process at Bluelinks, creative design company includes industry research, providing sketches, revising, and submitting final files.


Top graphic design companies plan and design product packaging about creating the exterior of the product. At Bluelinks, branding company in pune I as a graphic designer in Pune keep my focus also on the material of packaging, colors, and fonts according to the brand and product and container type when designing the product packaging. Your product packaging not only protects your product but also provides information and communicates brand identity. Like me, all graphic designers in pune design packaging as a part of marketing strategy.


Design companies in pune offer a lot of packages for stationery design. At Bluelinks, one of the best graphic design companies I am the most creative graphic designer in Pune who take the smallest things of stationery as something that adds to building your brand identity and increasing brand recall. My stationery design services include business card design, office supplies, writing equipment, office supplies, letterheads, and other cases. As a graphic designer in Pune, I focus on every element separately to create branding throughout.


As a graphic designer in Pune for websites, I decide how your website looks make choices for the layout, fonts, and images so that your website designer in Pune can create aesthetically pleasing websites. At Bluelinks, design studio in pune I also, work on individual page's images and graphics which can then be incorporated into the final design. The role of a graphic designer in pune is the most vital when creating a content strategy for social media marketing. I design posts that stand out and catch the viewer's attention.



Good packaging generally consists of 3 layers. First, the outer layer which your customer will see immediately for example the shipping box. Second, the inner packaging, which keeps the product nested and safe for example a sealed bag to preserve freshness, and third, is the product packaging which is the only thing that people mostly think of when it comes to product packaging. For example the bottle with the label, the wrapper of candy, etc. At my graphic designer studio I design all three layers individually in a way that they look like one.


There are many kinds of packaging that can be made for a single product. Choosing between a box package or bottle or any other depends upon firstly, the product. Whether the product is liquid or solid and easy for the customer to use it. Second, you can either go with the competition and provide something that your customer is used to or stand out. It's your call. And lastly, the package should fit comfortably in your budget keeping in mind the label design, etc. At Bluelinks, design company in pune, I actively take part in the kind of packaging you choose.


There are a couple of things that as a graphic designer in pune, I need you to ask your printer before I even finalize the design. What kind and size of the box will you be finalizing. Secondly, taking dieline templates from your printer which you can provide me beforehand. Third, what kind of vector file would your printer require? Would they require layered files? Should I include cut lines or not? At Bluelinks, one of the best design firms in pune I usually provide you a print-ready file in ai, pdf, or eps formats which won't open if your printer does not have the right software for them. Along with visual mockups in PNG and JPG formats.


While designing the main part of the product packaging we only focus on one thing which is what you want the shopper to think about your product - That first thing that the shopper will see and remember. It's actually that one thing which you want your product to be known for and that should come across very clearly in the package design, which we aim for. Then comes other things that you want them to see once they pick the product. Sometimes even the best design studios in india don't focus on the purpose of designing the packaging. At Bluelinks, the graphic designing company do otherwise.


During the evaluation, I look for answers to questions like does the package make clear what the product is? What will the packaging look like in stores? How will the product be stacked? What will it look like as compared to the competition? Is the packaging re-usable? Can the design be modified for the future? As a graphic designer in Pune, these are some of the critical points that I need to make sure, are on point before I submit the designs for feedback. Unline Bluelinks, graphic designer companies, just design the packaging and submit the files post feedback. They do not go for the evaluation process.


Before I finalize the design, I make sure wI run it through you and our entire team at Bluelinks the best graphic design studios in pune especially people who do not know about the product. I look for answers to one main question: What is the one key message you get when you look at this packaging? These answers help me to understand if I have been successful in communicating your brand's message through the packaging designed by me. If not, I go back to changing the design as required and as your feedback suggests. All my graphic design services company are most sought after in Pune.


Once I have come to decide on the final packaging, it's time to submit your files. Now, going back to collecting information from the printer. As a freelance graphic designer pune, You need to tell me the kind of files your printer has asked for. You would probably need vector formats i.e. ai, pdf and eps. We provide you in all these formats and you must also know the color codes that you need.


Our's is one of the best graphic design studios in pune

1. Open to skype and zoom calls
2. Reporting as per client's format
3. Highly effective and unique designs
4. Fully streamlined communication system
5. Strict confidentiality and privacy maintained
6. Technology competency and Budget friendly


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Trade show displays
Name developments
Social Media Designs
Website Graphic Designs
Email Marketing Templates
Publication Graphic Design
Environmental Graphic Design
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Our graphic design service Packages

Pick The Best Graphic Design Plan For You

From designing a logo to a complete stationery kit, all promotional material like pamphlets, flyers, boards, brochures, standee, danglers, leaflets, hoarding, billboards, banners, display board etc and packaging material like product packaging and product labelling, we provide all services here.



  • Logo Design-6500/-[2 options]
  • Individual Design-2200/-
  • Social media posts
  • Pamphlets/Thumbnails/Cover Picture



  • Logo Design
  • 2 options will be given
  • 2 Flyers
  • Visiting-card
  • Letterhead



  • Logo Design
  • 3 options will be given
  • 5 Flyers
  • Visiting-card and Letterhead
  • 5 Social Media Posts Designs



  • Pamphlets, Display-boards etc
  • Resteraunt Menus
  • Complete Product Labelling
  • Maximum number of designs: 50
Get the expertise you were looking for.

Why Abhishek Oberoi

  • Interactive Graphics
  • Alluring page layout
  • Successful Branding
  • Unique Designs
  • Timely Delivery
  • Fair Dealing


We are the top graphic design company in pune. Abhishek and Nitika are the best graphic designers in Pune from Bluelinks. They are very creative and provide stunning designs at very comprtitive price.

Bluelinks tops the graphic design company in pune list. Our logo design price in india starts at R.s 2200/- only. At Bluelinks, graphic designer salary pune includes all graphic design services like logo design, packaging design etc, so there are no extra charges.

Graphic designing charges in india are pretty high but at Bluelinks, best graphic design agency in pune provides you amazing graphic designs at very reasonable charges and much lesser than the market price.

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